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About us

We are located in one of the 5 boroughs of NYC. We survive amongst great competition in a very crowded city. We started as hobbyists with one second hand fish tank. We were extremely frustrated with online businesses that over charged, used false advertising, shipped late, & forgot to include the magnifying glass needed to view the coral purchase. Hence A novel idea was  born to open a coral shop where the photos were real, items received were exactly as shown, arrived on time, packaged professionally, & a shop who's staff would treat customers as family. Nyc Fish N Corals was born in a small one bedroom basement apartment. We are located not far from that small apartment in our first retail location. Our vision and dream lives on. Today we are staffed by fellow Coral/Fish hobbyists & specialists. Their total of 30 yrs of experience combined makes customer service a priority in an industry that requires a lot of TLC. We strongly believe that sometimes correcting an issue is just as important as the sale itself.

We truly hope you join our growing family of customers.